Monday, 18 May 2015

Term 2, week 5: A few thoughts

Am trying to make the most of my group time and this is requiring me to create engaging, do-able follow-on activities. I also want these to be of value to the kids. I also am more aware of what is the best use of Explain Everything and am trying to create activities that are more suitable. I am also needed to engage the kids who are not working with me more as some of them are not engaged and being disruptive. I am also trying to: -Make the WALTs clearer to the kids. -Encourage more accountability through sharing reading activities on the blog. -Touch base with parents more often. -Be more free with my praise :) -Keep reinforcing my expectations. My throne (the sofa for kids doing the right thing to sit on) needs to go for a while. It has become a place for kids to throw themselves over and marshalling who should be "on the throne" has become a daily issue. I am hoping I can bring it back in term 3. I would like to introduce a hands-on word work activity in my reading rotation that gives kids practice in spelling or grammar and I am looking out for and thinking of what to bring. This might engage some of my lower level readers more than other activities.

Monday, 11 May 2015

The ongoing challenge.

Have had a challenging few weeks since Easter. My interesting boys have upped the tempo and day in - day out seem to be trying everything on to get a raise and get attention. They have not been responding well to how I have been dealing with the situation. I feel like I am not being respected by 3 or 4 of them. Seeing the principal & detention are almost regarded as a reward and there has been no change in behaviour. Growling results in a minutes silence - that is all. Positive reinforcement is hitting the edges but not the main players. -I think I need to strongly reinforce expectations through rewards as reinforcement. -Some of these boys may be unreachable and by focusing on them too much it is disrupting the learning of the others. -Will have conversations on Wednesday with parents re. reward systems for daily good behaviour.