Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reflections on Reading (2)

My reading rotation could have been better today.

What happened

Some kids didn't stay at their stations and wanted to be doing other things which was voiced from the get go. There were problems with technology.  I felt there was too much noise. The children were confused at one point which station to go to.


I am starting to think that the range of picture books for SSR is too hard and becoming repetitive for some children, and as a result they are losing interest.  The reading rotation that i keep online was showing the wrong day. One of the iMacs was having difficulty connecting to the internet.

What to do?

  • Ensure Reading Rotation is always accessible and correctly displayed (use Spreadsheet) - print out 1 copy daily.
  • Many books are too hard for SSR - I need to come up with an alternative for some kids.
  • IDEA: Have a pre-reading station where the kids read the book they are about to read with the teacher - would this not enable them to go further when working with me?
  • Need to reconsider where kids sit - signposts?
  • Ensure that I follow up on all kids post "Activity" to ensure work has been done - especially with some boys.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Reflections 1

I believe I have engaged the behaviour of most of the class. They consistently meet my expectations and, provided the task or activity is appropriate, complete work to a level I would expect.  However, there is an element in the class with whom I am not at where I would like to be.
  • Some boys seem to relish the negative attention 
  • I find it hard to ignore their ignorance of my expectations of classroom behaviour 
  • Their behaviour is at its best before the start of the day (i have nice conversations with them)
  • They have shown the ability to focus on work when working far from each other
  • They become almost incapable of self-managing after lunch
  • They need very simple activities
  • They have varying degrees of self-management but can easily set off each other
  • They show little respect of authority (having been sent to Senior Teacher/AP)

So what?

  1. I will try to ignore/give as little attention to their negative behaviour as possible.
  2. I will not let their behaviour "win"
  3. I will ensure that tasks they are given are simple and followed up on by myself with them in class time.
  4. I will make sure that they are put in situations where distractions are minimalised
  5. I will give them attention for positive behaviour and deal with negative in a non-disruptive way.
  6. I will celebrate their successes

Storm Troopers - See no Evil by IamTHEdarthVADER

Friday, 20 February 2015

Observation Notes (20.2.15)

Observed another Year 3 teacher today setting up her reading session.  I had been told that she has a very calm presence, and this was true.  She did not raise her voice and at all times remained at ease. The children were eating their fruit while she was reading (in her words a rather "long story") and some listened intently while other were more interested in their watermelon.  She didn't jump on the people who were clearly not listening because, I assume, she simply wanted them to eat their fruit.

She had some challenging behaviours from some children and she dealt with these by simply telling them to stop that action - this was not always successful however.

What she had in were some strategies to reduce the chances of misbehaviour:

  • a taped out area within which they should sit.
  • clear responsibilities for some children (handing out fruit/sanitising hands).
My room will be taped out today :)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Inquiry

Along with establishing the routines and expectations with a new class and a new teacher, I am finding it a challenge to engage the behaviour of a core group of boys in my year 3 class. Their lack of engagement can manifest itself in a way that takes me away from the other children and consequently can be detrimental to their learning.

Inquiry Focus and Action Plan

The Haka Stance

An awareness raiser in how to hold yourself with authority.

Day 1 - with an inquiry in mind

Having thought a lot and talked about my stance and voice as a teacher here I was determined to enter the classroom today with more authority and less "softness" (where appropriate).  I am aware that I don't come across as an authority and for some of these boys it seems like that is necessary to ensure complicity.  I was aware of how I physically stood and of my eyes and made an effort to truly show that I meant what I said without putting on an act. It seemed to work. It felt like it worked.

Although I had prepared an activity that i thought was engaging for the children (most did seem engaged), my priority learners were generally less so.  Scaffolding helped but there was a lack of desire to finish the piece (a written recount).  Perhaps by celebrating the finished work by others that might encourage them more.

To try next week:

celebration of completed work - tied into theme of matapono e