Thursday, 19 February 2015

Day 1 - with an inquiry in mind

Having thought a lot and talked about my stance and voice as a teacher here I was determined to enter the classroom today with more authority and less "softness" (where appropriate).  I am aware that I don't come across as an authority and for some of these boys it seems like that is necessary to ensure complicity.  I was aware of how I physically stood and of my eyes and made an effort to truly show that I meant what I said without putting on an act. It seemed to work. It felt like it worked.

Although I had prepared an activity that i thought was engaging for the children (most did seem engaged), my priority learners were generally less so.  Scaffolding helped but there was a lack of desire to finish the piece (a written recount).  Perhaps by celebrating the finished work by others that might encourage them more.

To try next week:

celebration of completed work - tied into theme of matapono e

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