Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reflections on Reading (2)

My reading rotation could have been better today.

What happened

Some kids didn't stay at their stations and wanted to be doing other things which was voiced from the get go. There were problems with technology.  I felt there was too much noise. The children were confused at one point which station to go to.


I am starting to think that the range of picture books for SSR is too hard and becoming repetitive for some children, and as a result they are losing interest.  The reading rotation that i keep online was showing the wrong day. One of the iMacs was having difficulty connecting to the internet.

What to do?

  • Ensure Reading Rotation is always accessible and correctly displayed (use Spreadsheet) - print out 1 copy daily.
  • Many books are too hard for SSR - I need to come up with an alternative for some kids.
  • IDEA: Have a pre-reading station where the kids read the book they are about to read with the teacher - would this not enable them to go further when working with me?
  • Need to reconsider where kids sit - signposts?
  • Ensure that I follow up on all kids post "Activity" to ensure work has been done - especially with some boys.

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