Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What can I do with the one slow reader in my guided reading groups?

In as couple of my guided reading groups, I have readers who are processing the texts much more slowly than the other readers in the group. Consequently, they are reading much more slowly and finishing texts much later than the others in their group. This is creating a problem in my management of the guided session. Do I cut them off before they have finished? Do we all wait patiently? 

Suggested remedies included:

putting them down a group
  • child wont be challenged by the text and therefore may make less progress.
reading the same text before class
  • child may see this as a punishment. The child also often arrives late.
having the child become aware of their reading speed 
  • could be quite easily achieved as a post reading activity. Would she hear her "slowness"?
encourage a buddy reading time
  • easily do-able. Paired with a more fluent reader could enable her quickly to compare speeds. 

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